To summarize Mr. Hunter's experience:


Mr  Hunter's work with the police department included uniform patrol,  motorcycle officer, narcotics & vice investigator, residential &  commercial crimes investigator, robberies & homicide investigator.   He supervised uniformed officers and criminal investigators in all  types of investigations for over 10 years, including bank robberies,  homicides, kidnapping, rapes, juvenile crimes, burglaries, fraud,  forgery, bomb threats and many other crimes. 

Mr. Hunter was a forensic hypnotist and criminial justice  instructor with the Police Department for over 20-years. His work as a  forensic hypnotist included working with victims and witnesses in a  variety of crimes.  His work as a criminal justice instructor included a  basic law enforcement training program and regular in-service training  for the police department.  He taught interviews & interrogation as a  specialty.

30 years as a police officer, Raleigh Police Department


  • 10 Years patrol, motorcycle
  • Field Training Officer
  • 10 years as Investigator       
    • Narcotics & Vice
    • Burglaries (Residential and Commercial)
    • Robberies & Homicides
  • 10 years Sergeant & Supervisor       
    • 2.5 Years Uniform Patrol
    • 7.5 Years Investigations

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